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Rotten Dead Pool
World's largest game of Dead Pool -- start playing immediately

NNDB Mapper
Visually explore celebrities + connections

Herps and Purps
Blemishes for all your friends, on the iPhone

Death as it Happens
Rotten Dead Pool Hall of Fame
High scores going back to 2005 + up-to-the-minute scores

Died in 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007
Lists of the recently departed

Various & sundry applications for Facebook
Daily Rotten Facebook application
News you cannot possibly use... for your fucking profile

Recently Deceased Facebook application
I See Dead People

~Rotten Dot Com is Tight As Hell~
Oh Shit A Facebook Group

Tweeting all over your face and neck
Daily Rotten via Twitter
Follow us around or something
Rotten Dead Pool via Twitter
Death, as it happens.
...then there's this guy:

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New pictures published daily

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Obituaries in the News

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News you cannot possibly use

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Celebrity gossip and other bullshit

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