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An archive of disturbing illustration

Mattel v. Rotten

We registered (a name similar to, but not used by Mattel Toy Corporation) and pointed it to's page. This did not sit well with Mattel, when unsuspecting people looking for pages about Barbie Dolls were finding decapitations and whatnot. And incredibly, Mattel was concerned customers would confuse our website with theirs!

FOTM Winner!

This woman's face was allegedly pasted onto the top of the face of one of our "Fuck of the Month" winners. Even so, our judges have determined that this woman is still entitled to her Fuck of the Month Award, if indeed she wishes to claim it.

RSAC Ratings

About a year ago a tag was placed on's front page rating it at "Disney" level. This letter claims we entered into some manner of contract (outright lie) and that somehow their trademark protection extends to an instance where we explicitly state that they have not endorsed our rating (second outright lie).

Loser Meets Train

The case of a family claiming that a photo on one of our pages is their nephew. Apparently the nephew lay his head in front of a train. Our analysis was inconclusive.

Pointy Haired Lawyers

Uni**d M*dia clamps d*wn on r*tten, over the par*dies of their D*****t strip that appeared in various homoerotic and otherwise offensive epis*des.

See part II below as to why we have to kiss their fucking asterisk.

Trenchcoat Mafia

We registered, put up the most ridiculous site, and Burlington Coat Factory gets their panties in a bunch.

Pointy Lawyers II

Again with the pointy haired lawyers. This time they don't like us saying the word "D*****t". Ok, fine, we won't say it. Whatever.

Achtung Bissen

The Jewish Anti-Defamation League is upset at a picture we posted which has nothing at all to do with Jewry or the Holocaust. Their complaint is that it reminds them of the Holocaust. Anyway we fully expect them to narq to Pillsbury about this.


Now Pillsbury doesn't like us.. It seems that our depiction of Doughboy Holocaust rattled their attorneys. How can four million doughboys be wrong?

Mastercard Priceless

The Mastercard Corporation doesn't seem to realize the definition of parody. Like, when we make fun of someone's advertising campaign, it's parody. And stuff. What asses.

FOTM Winner #2

This one is a case of mistaken identity. Apparently because the "model" looks like some girl, it therefore must be her face pasted on the picture! Never mind that the portrait of her face is taken at an angle unique to porn, and she has her "Gene Simmons" tongue hanging out..

Futurama Porn

Ok, maybe the Futurama porn wasn't such a good idea. Futurama is a somewhat popular Fox television show. This might be covered by parody, but we aren't exactly Mad magazine.

Bonsai Kitten

Hundreds of people complain about the Bonsai Kitten site that we host, to the UK Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Never mind that no cruelty occurred either in the creation of the website or as a result from it. They think they see kitties being abused and therefore the site must be eradicated. The word hoax does not exist in their dictionary.


"It has come to our attention that your and websites depict as the March, 2000 "Fuck of the Month" a picture of a Coca-Cola bottle inserted into a woman's anus. Needless to say, this image is not consistent with the goodwill and reputation that The Coca-Cola Company has striven over many years to associate with its trademarks."

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